Once again these youth and their speeches never cease to amaze.  We were treated today with two youth from the Classical academy.  More about them later.  They were joined by their Speech and Debate Teacher, Jonathon Sonada.  Each student had a parent present to support them, Lori Hall and Nat White were our guests.
Speaker #1—anonymous, except that with two students, one male and one female—we figured it out pretty quick!
Carole Hall—a Freshman at Classical academy in her first year of speech and debate shared her speech that dealt with the topic of Facebook, loneliness, mentoring and suicide.  Carole is a bit unsure but is interested in Computer science or bio science right now.  She is taking a psychology class which is what led her to her topic. 
On 14 February 2014, just a few short weeks ago, on a day for lovers, a 15 year old jumped from the 27th floor of a building to her death.  This girl felt that posting on Facebook had cost her reputation, and she could not face anyone anymore!
What might have changed this sad event?  Mentoring perhaps.  Mentoring is defined as educating someone with less experience, who needs advice or acts as a parent sibling in their absence.
Mentors make people feel worthwhile of educating and sharing their time.  Youth try harder and succeed more if they know someone cares about them.  These youth are 52% less likely to skip class or cut school.  They are 46% less likely to get into drugs or drinking. 
The 4 way test does fit a mentoring style—it is truth, it is beneficial for all, it does create  good will and better friendships and it is beneficial for all involved—especially the 15 year old girl who took her life.
Speaker #2
Brian White—is a junior at Classical Academy and this is his second year in Speech & Debate.  He plays baseball and hopes to possibly get into law or seminary.  There was a comment that these may not mix.  Brian did a mission trip to Albania, which gave him his passion for the speech and seeing the difference that missionaries make in the lives of the people they preach to.
There was a Preacher who had been kidnapped by the underground.  They wanted to break him to find out very crucial information.  First they beat him, he would not talk, then they threw him in a cellar full of very hungry rats—he could not sleep for two days, yet he still would not give them any information.  Finally they took him to a room where his son had been captured and he was willing to talk.  But his son intervened and said no to his father.  His son stated he was better off in the next world then in this one if they turned.  What force is it that convinced this son to be so brave?  What was stronger than his own survival?
The gospels tell us that Christianity guarantees eternal life to everyone who believes.  It preaches Christianity is the way. The truth and the life. 
Yet the gospel also cause controversy, such as the story of the vineyard, many people worked, some starting later in the day, yet at the end of the day they all got paid the same.  This is likened to Christianity.  Some follow their entire life, is it fair that the person who redeems in his last days get the same benefits?
Recently there is a lot of talk of Christianity and the negative hateful aspects people call Christianity.  One must look at what the Lord gave as the second most important command, to love all men, your neighbor as yourself.  To love, not hate, not judge, not condemn!
There was a Preacher at LAX hearing someone speaking of the Christianity of fire and brimstone, and he stopped the person.  He compared to a shoe salesman---if a salesman was yelling at you to buy shoes—would you buy them.  No –you have to display your Christianity like shoes and let people browse and select for themselves.
Christianity is the truth as substantiated by archeological digs, artifacts etc.  It is beneficial to all, as it keep s people from drugs, and turns their lives around.  It does create good will to men!