President Mike called the meeting to order with a full house of members and guests.
Tony lead the Pledge to our flag and Fr. Bill Dopp lead us in an invocation, remembering our friend Gloria in the loss of her husband Charlie.
President Mike and Tony introduced the many visitors and guests:
Sam Oden introduced his fiance Amy; ready to join the working group in Mexicali; Way to Go Amy!!
Ralph introduced his wife Silvana; also heading to Mexicali for the work project; Outstanding Silvana!
John Sawtelle introduced his wife Bobbi, and President Mike introduced Matt from Silvergate Bank, a visitor and possible member.
George Beitner introduced his guest Sarah Nichelson with First Citizens Bank; Sarah, a former member of Escondido Sunrise is back!! She was voted in as our newest member... Welcome again, Sarah!
Also visiting were Ted and Paula Mihok from Oak Harbor Washington, in town to participate in the Mexicali work effort.
Birthdays and Anniversaries: There were none...
Photos of the Week:
Photos included a photo of Charlie Leffler with his family; Alan Miller on the loose enjoying a big beer with his former assistant; a few Rotary magnet signs plastered all over the van ready to go to Mexicali; and Pres-Elect Rich attempting to direct George in erecting our 'Easy Up' shade tent preparing for our Grape Day 5k promotions at various MS Society events... Who said it was an 'Easy Up'???
High Fives and Announcements:
Linda Bailey shared her 'High Five' joy over several successful projects; Mike Dunlap announced that the Bonsall Rotary Club contributed $500 to our Mexicali efforts and all were encouraged to participate in the 'Wine, Brews and Blues' event coming up in May sponsored by Bonsall Rotary; Jack announced the outcome of the Four Way Test Speech Contest Regional Final and thanked Alan for accompanying our speaker Evan Santos to the Downtown SD Breakfast Club; Dave Crabtree announced the arrival of a new grandbaby; John Sawtelle reminded us of the Bonsallevent on May 16 and the value in return revenue for our purchase of tickets... Jack announced his grandson's 5th birthday and Bill Dopp announced his son's 50th birthday; Rich announced the Rotary Padre game on April 14; and Rich announced the basketball pool winners; Dave Crabtree and Duke, $250 and Jack Anderson and Wisconsin $70.
Dates to Remember:
155 days to the Grape Day 5K
April 25 Rotary at Work Day
April 28 Speech Contest Finals at the CCAE
May 16 Bonsall Rotary 'Wine Brews and Blues'
June 18 Demotion Dinner
June 23 Governor's Dinner
Bill Dopp introduced Beth Jones from Hose of Prayer Lutheran Church and her program 'Musical Endeavors'
Beth is a volunteer and started a Youthful Endeavors program a few years ago and previously shared it with us. An addition to the program serving youth from the congregation and the neighborhood is the musical program lead by two additional volunteers from the church. The program enables music to enrich the first-eighth graders' creativity. Beth and her team applied for a grant to purchase Orff musical instruments; basically xylophones with varying tonal differences.  They are so easy to learn, that Beth obtained a volunteer from our meeting and taught him to play!! Past President Mark learned a few bars of 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' and actually was part of getting our members to sing a few notes of the ditty...
Great job Beth; way to go Mark!!
Quite a duet!!
Beth actually removed some of the keys that Mark didn't need to play; he did just fine!!
A great program and lots of fun for us to watch Mark the able volunteer.
Sam picked up the 423 lunch money; ' Golden Acorn Casino' watch out!!
Kevin missed the draw for the $428... Better luck next week!