Sunrise Rotary February 16, 2017  


President Tony called the meeting to order;

President-Elect Dave Casey led the Pledge to the Flag

Jack Anderson offered an invocation


Guests and Visitors:


Justin McDonald; involved in a ministry, Bridges International at UC Irvine

Dorothy Rowe, friend of Mark Crosby


Photos of the Week:


Disabled veterans… All beautiful women. Thanks for bringing that to us Tony!


Rich Aeling presenting a check to the PAL (Police Athletic League) program


Anniversaries and Birthdays:



February     20:        Silas Harrington



February    16:        Mike and Pam Morasco

        17:        Richard and Marcia Agnew

        21:        John and Tricia Masson    


Dates to Remember:


February    23:        Fisher House delivery; bring items to Club meetings or                     George’s business


April        7-9:        RYLA


        20-23:        Mexicali project


October    7:        Grape Day 5K; only 233 days till the big event!



Special Recognition:


Linda Bailey, back after a health hiatus; received her certificate from the Police Department for the Explorer Program Academy and her extra support for them


Past President Jack Anderson presenting Linda her Police Department certificate


Linda also was recognized for her 6th Paul Harris Fellow Award by Foundation Chairman, Past President Kevin Svetich



High Fives and Announcements:


Past President Rich Aeling recapped our great visit to Del Lago Academy last week


Rich also announced the winners of the Super Bowl pools; Past President Jim Ponder was a huge winner, netting $650.00. Jim was not at the meeting, however his emissary, Past President George Beitner had a Brinks Truck to gather Jim’s loot.  While gathering Jim’s winnings, George committed $250 of the take to the Solar Cup Program at Del Lago Academy… 




President Elect Dave Casey reported on his attendance at the exceptional President Elect Training Seminar (PETS).

Dave was attired in a new, very fancy Rotary dress shirt… Seems the wardrobe changing and buying activities are a big hit of the PETS weekend… Just ask President Tony about last year.


President-Elect Dave sharing his PETS experience…


Dave shared the theme for the next Rotary Year, “Making a Difference”. Dave said that he learned a lot, and will focus his Rotary Year on spending all of the money that President Tony is leaving in the Club treasury…


Part of the discussion, and President-Elect Dave engaged all of the Club members is the focus on growing our membership. A key item is bringing younger members into the Club. Guest, Justin McDonald shared his thoughts on reaching millennials…

His comments related to goals young people have are to ‘do’ projects and not just write checks. Escondido Sunrise is proud of our engagement with projects… The key is to publicize our ‘doing’ as we reach out to potential members.


There will be more to come as this year moves forward and Dave’s year begins in July.


Opportunity Drawing:


Lunch money:    $22; John Sawtelle

Big Prize:        $223; Linda Bailey… Sorry