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Sunrise Rotary September 21 and 28 and October 5, 2017; CSUSM and Opportunities to Support Local Students and, The Grape Day 5K… It’s Here!! and Why Rotary?? and County Supervisor Kristin Gaspar…



President Dave called the meetings to order…


On September 21, Past President George Beitner led the Pledge of Allegiance and Past President Jack Anderson offered an invocation.


On September 28, Past President Barry Baker led the Pledge to our Flag and Father Bill Dopp offered an invocation… 


On October 5, Past President Jim Lund led the Pledge to our Flag and Past President Jack Anderson offered an invocation.


Guests and Visitors:


September 21:    Diana Camba, Temecula Sunrise Rotary was a visitor


            Monte Giles was introduced as Past President Barry Baker’s                 guest


            Dave Leuvanos of the Boys and Girls Club was a guest


September 28:    Prospective member, Dave Leuvanos was again a guest


October 5:        Past President Bob Burson introduced his wife Rosemary as his                 guest


            Christie Knight was introduced as a guest; she is Senior Policy                 Advisor for Supervisor Kristin Gaspar and a member of the                 Escondido High School District Board




September    25    Past President Scott Putnicki


        30    Randy Furtado    




September     21    Floyd and Alta Farley; 43 years… Congratulations!!


        29    Bonnie and Michael Maloney, 22 years… Congratulations!!


October        Kirk and Kim Henson


Rotary Anniversaries:


October    6    Sergeant at Arms Mark Maus, 3 years


Photos of the Week:


September 21:    Photos from the Chamber of Commerce Golf tournament                     benefitting the Police Athletic League; Escondido Sunrise had                 9 players… Past President Tony Criss ended up with a great 


            Past President Rich Aeling described Photos of the school supply             support provided for the San Pasqual Academy


September 28:    Past President Jack Anderson and wife Judi with their Facebook             profile photo…


            Past President Bob Burson with this grandsons…


            Escondido Sunrise Rotary attendees at the District 5340 Rotary                 Foundation Seminar


October 5:        Dave Herbert was on a “rust belt/east coast” trip and a photo of he                 and Kathy at a bar with the biggest selection of whiskey in the                 US… He also did a make-up at the Rotary Club in Lancaster PA                 and brought President Dave a banner to prove it… Nice job Dave!!             He had many travel treats for the Prez including a mini Navy                     Cannon from Fort McHenry (where they attended the flag                     ceremony); they also attended the ceremonial changing of the                 guard at Arlington National Cemetery, and finally he brought a                 treat from an aptly named town in PA… “I love intercourse.”  PA that             is…


            There was a photo of Ralph Tavares and Bob Portillo in Brazil


            And a photo of Past President Barry Baker throwing a knife at a                 recent ‘mountain man’ gathering… Perhaps Barry is practicing for                 President Dave’s Demotion…


New Member:


Membership Chair, Linda Bailey inducted our newest member, Dave Leuvanos. Dave is with the Boys and Girls Club of Greater San Diego at the Mitchell Branch in Downtown Escondido… Dave was sponsored by Past President Rich Aeling… Welcome Dave!!


Escondido Sunrise Rotary’s newest member, Dave Leuvanos pictured with his sponsor, Rich Aeling and Membership Chair, Linda Bailey…





Grape Day 5K:    One Day till the big event…All Hands on Deck!! Be there at Grand and Orange Bright and Early… Set your alarm clocks!!


We have over 946 participants registered as of mid-day Friday… And we have raised over $100,000 for all of our charity efforts.


Great job everyone! Thanks to the leadership of Jim Ponder, George Beitner, Rich Aeling and Jeff Johnson and everyone that worked hard on this effort…


Hi Fives:


September 21:


Linda Bailey invited us to a San Marcos Chamber ‘Taste of San Marcos’ event


Past President Constance Larsen was in Yellowstone and Idaho and brought President Dave some huckleberry vodka… Woo Hoo!!


Past President Jeff Johnson brought some Fisher House goodies from his trip to Italy… He also brought President Dave a replica of the ‘David’ sculpture… As President Dave said, “just another tall white guy named Dave…”


Ralph Tavares recently traveled to Canada and brought some maple syrup for the Prez; on another trip a bit more south in the hemisphere, he brought some coffee from Costa Rica…


Elana Karoly announced her November 4 ‘go-2-grow’ Masquerade event and invited contributions of auction items and opportunity gifts…


September 28:


Past President Mike Dunlap shared a flier for the organization, ‘Unite to Light’ providing solar lights to areas suffering loss of electricity from storms, such as Puerto Rico; the organization is a not-for-profit, and the cost for a single light is $10.


Future President Chris Miller shared that his daughter Samantha is on a trip to Washington DC with her classmates, and she was selected to place a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown; her selection was based on an essay she wrote… Way to go Sami!!


Past President Mike O’Malley was recently in Dallas and brought President Dave a six pack of local beer; sadly only one can was left by the time Mike returned to Rotary…


Past President Jeff Johnson shared that his son, CAPT Brian Johnson was just hired as part of the Army ROTC staff at Washington State University…


October 5:


Brian Murphy announced that his bride, Nancy is celebrating 4-years cancer-free…


Past President Alan Miller announced that his bride, Lorraine Page was just recognized by the Arts Partnership for her award winning piece in the ‘Recycle Art’ exhibition…


Past President Jim Lund didn’t bring gifts, but he brought great news that he and Becky just welcomed two new granddaughters, born on the same day; one in Nebraska and one in Singapore… Thankfully, the International Date Line facilitated the same day births…




Jack  Anderson also shared that the prior day, October 4, was the 49th anniversary of his commissioning as an Ensign in the US Navy….


Past President Rich Aeling shared a thank you letter from Memorial Lutheran Church in Houston with which we provided a gift of $4500 to help their faith community members deal with the impact of Hurricane Harvey.

He also brought President Dave a beer from his recent fishing trip in the Mammoth area…


Dates to Remember:


Coming up; Scout trip to Mexicali, RYLA in April, Mexicali in April and a whole bunch more… Stay Tuned!!




Past President Mark Hoekstra introduced our program; California State University, San Marcos and the opportunity to support local scholarships. The University was represented by Kyle Button, Associate Vice President for Development for the university and Lauren Tucker, Director of Corporate Relations.

Prior to the presentation, Mark spoke briefly about our club’s goal of establishing a scholarship endowment with the University to engage with the youth of our community, support education, connect college students with Rotary and to support a Rotaract Club on the campus of CSUSM. Mark will head a Scholarship Committee to serve in an advisory role to the Sunrise Rotary Board regarding this scholarship program; the initial membership of the Scholarship Committee consists of: Mark Hoekstra, Rich Aeling, John Boyce, Brian Murphy, Mark Maus, Linda Bailey, Alan Miller, Gloria Leffler, Barry Baker and Jack Anderson.


Ms. Lauren Tucker spoke about the University, it’s growth and focus. CSUSM is the newest in the California State University system’s 29 campuses. The service area is North San Diego County, and southern Riverside and Orange Counties. The university focuses on underserved residents of the region, and 50% of the enrollees are first generation college attendees. Of note is the university’s close relationship with local business and industries to the end, that 80% of CSUSM’s graduates remain in the North County region after graduation.


Escondido is a partner with the university through the MAP program, enabling local students that meet certain criteria being guaranteed admission to CSUSM. These efforts, enabled through agreements with school districts facilitate the local focus of the university to represent the demographics of the North County region. Another focus of the university is to work on four-year graduation rates of its students.


CSUSM presenters, Kyle Button and Lauren Tucker pictured with Past President Mark Hoekstra and President Dave…



September 28:


This program was preparation for the Grape Day 5K Event. Past Presidents Jim Ponder, Jeff Johnson, George Beitner presented the background of the hard work we do as a club to raise funds for our charitable efforts and to stage this growing event. 

This year we have grown our primary sponsorship efforts to include Palomar Health Foundation and have maintained strong connections to Berg Electric with our primary beneficiary remaining as the Multiple Sclerosis Society of the South Coast.


Jim challenged us to remember our “Why Rotary” perspective as we work to conduct this largest of our community outreach programs. The success of this event sets the stage for all the good things we do throughout the year…


In addition to all the good we do through our philanthropic efforts, this event is a huge draw to downtown Escondido… We are the place to be!!


Jeff and George spoke about all of the details that will take place to ensure a successful event. From gathering goodies for the swag bags, to packing the bags, to volunteering on race day to support all the participants; it is truly an “all hands” event for Escondido Sunrise Rotary.  


Much has gone into fundraising and gaining partners for our event; and as of mid-day on October 6, we had 964 participants,,, almost reaching our goal of 1,000 and more will come on race day.




Photo of Past Presidents George Beitner and Mike O’Malley with the mock-up of the sponsor sign that will be ‘hhhuuuuggge’ and proudly displayed on race day…






October 5:


Today’s program was presented by San Diego County Third District Supervisor, Kristin Gaspar. She is our supervisor, and a great supporter of our Club; she is also a Rotarian in the Encinitas Club and shared her thoughts on Rotary Service and how it relates to her role in County leadership.

As Kristin began her presentation, an opportunity was taken by Linda Bailey to thank Kristin for her contribution to our Grape Day 5K Charity event… She contributed $15,000 from her Supervisor Community Charitable Fund… Thanks Kristin!!


Kristin Gaspar speaking to our Club members…




Ms. Gaspar shared about her role as a member of the Board of Supervisors compared to her previous office as Mayor of Encinitas. More and more, the Supervisors are responding to people needs and people concerns. She likened her experience in Rotary, finding ways to serve those in need… Her supervisor role is like that of Rotary.


The other difference in perspective is the size of her constituency as a Supervisor compared to that of a City Council member. The City of Encinitas is only a part of her supervisorial district which encompasses a total population of over 650,000 residents; similarly, the City budget was about $100 million, whereas the County budget is over $5 Billion…


Her hope is to engage more people in the process of providing services to those in need in her district. Engagement with the residents in serving others, along the lines of the Rotary model… “Service Above Self” will do more to help people in need in the County than adding many more programs and program dollars.


Supervisor Gaspar has an office in Escondido, and encourages all of us to engage with County programs.


Supervisor Kristin Gaspar, pictured with Christie Knight of her staff, Past President Kevin Svetich and President Dave…









Next Week’s Program:


Come and find out…


Opportunity Drawing:


Lunch Money:    $18.00    Past President Rich Aeling 

Big Pot:        $276.00    Past President John Boyce… Sorry, better luck                         next time