Sunrise Rotary April 13, 2017  


President Tony called the meeting to order


Past President Jim Ponder led the pledge to the flag

Bill Dopp gave the invocation


President Tony, after opening the meeting by showing a video; he disappeared, 

returning in a full bunny suit…  (Rich has a video, guess when you will all see it again; the demotion of course (-:  ). Tony tried to sweeten up the members by passing out chocolates… He remained in the warm suit all meeting… Whew! it’s warm in here!!


Guests and Visitors:


Edwin from Kenya joined us


Visiting Rotarians:


    Bonnie Maloney

    George Wier

    Vaughn North


Anniversaries and Birthdays:




Becky Lund




None this week


Rotary Anniversaries:


None this week




Vaughn North of the Escondido Club updated us on the activities of Escondido         Shines


Jim Ponder and George Beitner reported on the RYLA weekend at Idyllwild. Also     attending RYLA were President Tony and Connie Criss, Past President Mike         O’Malley and Edwin. 

A highlight of the weekend was when the group skyped with a group of high         school girls in Afghanistan

    Mexicali Project – Phase 1


Pictures of the footings dug were shown, the footings were not small, John Masson did the measuring.


Photos of the Week:


None this week


Dates to Remember:


April        15:        Gulls Hockey; Tickets for the special seats in the ‘Box’ are                     $60; see Past President Rich Aeling more information


        20-23:        Mexicali project


May        4:        Evening meeting; guest speaker will be Alex Montoya of the                     Padres, more details to come


        6:        Bunco at John Boyce’s home    


June        17:        Wine, Brews and Blues at the Arts Center; a fundraiser                     in conjunction with the Bonsall Rotary Club


        22:        Demotion event; Bye, bye President Tony and welcome                     President Dave Casey    


October    7:        Grape Day 5K;


High Fives and Announcements:


Bill Dopp brought some playing cards from Florida

Past President Jim Ponder brought Tony a coffee cup, made in China as Jim was visiting China…

Ralph Tavares brought President Tony some chocolate from Peru…


 Recent Programs:


April 6; Past President Mark Hoekstra presented a program on Membership Development.

Mark used a power point presentation to describe the various categories of membership that are available in our Club; Active, Young Executive, Primary Corporate, Additional Corporate and Honorary. Dues for each category vary, ranging from $83.50 per month Active Member to $20 for the Additional Corporate member. le lot more than a CPA would ever do…

Escondido Sunrise currently has 49 members; our goal for this year is to increase membership by 6; currently we are net -2 for the year… So, we all have some work to do…


April 13: Our speaker was Jack Stone, a professor of woodworking at Palomar College; he was introduced by Chris Miller.


Mr. Stone oversees a number of classes and programs with over 50 different wood-related courses with over 500 students enrolled per semester. 


The programs and classes are intended to help individuals develop woodworking skills that will lead to self-employment. Projects range from product design to marketing the product and people skills enabling the woodworker to relate to potential customers..



Opportunity Drawing:


Lunch Money:    $19;    Jeff Johnson


Big Pot:        $339;    Past President George Beitner; sorry, not so lucky today…