Rotary Meetings in January and February; 


This being the first meeting of 2016; President Rich shared photos that celebrated some of the club events around the Christmas Holiday; including:


Target Shopping; Led by Mike Muehl, our club hosted 10 children from the Boys and Girls Club and the YMCA. As in the past, the greatest joy in helping these youngsters prepare for Christmas was to help them purchase gifts for their family members.





Dates to Remember:

February    19-21    PETS Training

        22    Board Meeting


March        11    Team Malbec Dinner with Linda Bailey

        19     District 5340 Officer Training         

        20    RYLA Facilitator Training

        20    Rotarians at Work; Mountain View Park 8 AM- Noon 

        31-April 3    Mexicali Project


April        3    Hwy 78 Club hosting Mariachi Festival at the CCAE; Tacos, Tequila and                 Concert for $75

        15     Gulls Hockey Night

        15-17    RYLA; Facilitators Needed

        30    Rotarians at Work Deux

            Bonsall Rotary Wine, Brews and Blues; CCAE i R


June        16    President Rich’s Demotion


High Fives and Announcements: (from February 18)



Jim Ponder and George Beitner a banner from the Nairobi East Rotary Club and some Kilimanjaro Beer

Gloria Leffler; Offering thanks for moving support and reporting that Former Member and Past President Art McCullough is on Hospice Care


Brian Murphy announced the Wood Show at the Escondido Arts Partnership Gallery. President Rich announced the Club’s support for the Wood Show, presenting Brian with a $500 check to the Arts Partnership…





President Rich honored 17 members of Escondido Sunrise Rotary as they celebrated Rotary Anniversaries. The 17 members represent 349 years of service and membership as part of Escondido Sunrise…


Special thanks to Donna Aeling; ‘Mrs. President Rich’ for the great anniversary awards…


Honored members include: Jeff Johnson (24 years), Mike Dunlap (31 years), Kevin Svetich (22 years), Randy Furtado (10 years), George Beitner (17 years), Jack Anderson (36 years), Nick Barnett (21 years), Jim Lund (36 years), Chris Miller  (26 years), Mike Muehl (25 years), 

Susan Maney (32 years) and our first Lady President, John Masson (21 years), Ralph Tavares (6 years), Richard Agnew (4 years), Fernando Monforte (12 years), Jim Ponder (17 years), Mark Hoekstra (8 years), Burhan Kivrak (10 years), and John Boyce (32 years).

President Rich presented Jim Ponder with a check for $2500 for the Flying Kites Orphanage in Kenya.


Pictured are George and Jim with the President of the Nairobi East Rotary and Jim at the Flying Kites Orphanage 









The Club also presented a donation to the ‘Go-2-Grow’ Teen Program and its Director, Elana Karoly a recent Blue-Badge member of Sunrise Rotary 
























Recent speakers included:


Lisa Norombaba of the Palomar Family YMCA


















Scott McClintock and Dave Herbert of the Forest Fire Lookout Associatio 



And Sue McLeod of the “Got Your Back San Diego” program; pictured here with Alan Miller and Brian Murphy