July 23, 2015
Escondido Sunrise Rotary Becomes a “Musical Club” Under the Leadership of President Rich Aeling
President Rich opened the meeting; Jeff Johnson led the Pledge to the Flag and Jack Anderson offered an invocation.
Visitors and Guests of Rotarians:
Glen from Glennies Office Supply and the Escondido East Club joined us as a visitor
Photos of the Week:
President Rich shared a photo of one of our handicap-accessible cabins at Portrero Campground, along with a note from a family that had used the cabin, sending along their appreciation for our project. John Sawtelle commented that we currently have $79,000 on hand from our endowment and are looking for our next site on which to build another cabin.
There was a photo of George Beitner sailing in Maine with friends, he returned with a special treat for President Rich, ‘Lobster Breath Mints’.
President Rich shared a photo of the Classic Vintner’s Dinner at USD, and commented that he and ‘Mrs. President Rich’, Donna shared a table with Ryanna Mondavi…
Brian Murphy proudly shared a photo of one of his recent projects, book shelves/cases and a mantle in Pt. Loma
Birthdays and Anniversaries:
The Bailey family is celebrating; Randy’s birthday on July 23 and Linda’s on July 26
High Fives and Announcements:
Mike Muehl was traveling in Europe and brought some chocolates (‘rabbit shit’ chocolates) and a itty bitty stein…
Alan Miller was all over… Cabo, Paris and London and caught his breath in New York and he brought trinkets from each locale
Linda Bailey shared how blessed she was with all her family celebrations…
Barry Baker is celebrating his 45th wedding anniversary by taking a pack trip with Scouts in Zion National Park; Lee will be at home celebrating birthdays of four of their grandchildren…
Floyd Farley visited beautiful downtown Pittsburgh and brought another airport trinket to our esteemed leader
Jim Lund announced the Escondido Shines concert this Saturday night at Kit Carson Park
President Rich announced the District 5340 Foundation year-end results; Escondido Sunrise was second in the District in per capita giving, with an average of $456 per member ($3 behind number 1) woohoo!!  We also lead the District in Paul Harris Society Members; well-done Club Members and Kevin Svetich as our Foundation Chair!
Treasurer Andy Ommen announced once again that he is streamlining our dues amount and payment options…
Dates to Remember:
July 27   Grape Day 5K meeting at Aellot AC
August 4              District 5340 New Year party at Cordiano Winery
20                           District Governor Janice Kurth will visit our Club
22                           Multi-Club dinner at the Vineyard and Concert at Kit Carson Park
23                           Pine Valley gathering with Calafia Rotary
September 12   Grape Day 5K
12                           YMCA ‘Kids Need Heroes’ Dinner Event
19                           Del Mar Beach Pentathlon at Camp Pendleton
March 31-April 3, 2016: Mexicali Project
Test for Music Compositions; Jamie Townsend Esq.
Jim Lund introduced our speaker, Jamie Townsend; Jamie is an SPHS graduate and a graduate of University of Chicago Las, specializing in intellectual property. Jamie focused her presentation on copyright infringement relating to musical composition and performance.  She commented on the recent litigation between Marvin Gaye’s heirs and Robin Thicke with a settlement north of $6 million.
She played a number of pieces comparing an original composition and a recently recorded ‘sound-alike’ or similar. An example was the Allen Parsons Project and a recent Lady Antebellum piece.
She commented about key characteristics such as rhythm, melody, harmony and lyrics. Jamie did her best to educate our musically-deprived Club on the finer points of the recording industry and songs and pieces that sound alike.. She shared pieces by Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Kelly Clarkson and others. She also commented on the approach to trials in such cases wherein expert witnesses are not used/allowed, and juries are given the opportunity to listen and then decide the outcome.
In this photo, Jamie is ‘educating’ Alan Miller while President Rich attemps to learn about music…
The Grape Day 5K is 51 Days Away; Currently raised is $30,623… Make those Contacts!!
George Beitner won $13 lunch money; Glen from Escondido East had no luck with the card for $128