Sunrise Rotary Bulletin: March 3, 2016


President Rich opened the meeting with the ‘tinkling’ of his bell


Elena Karoly led the pledge of allegiance and Jim Ponder offered an invocation


Visitors and Guests:


Elena Karoly introduced her guest, Jonathan Ciano


Bob Burson introduced his bride, Rosemary as his guest


President Rich then inserted an ‘instant’ program…


SGT. Chris Leso of the Escondido PD appeared at our meeting looking for Kevin Grangetto. Since Kevin hadn't arrived at the meeting yet (he did appear at 8:00 AM) President Rich invited SGT. Leso to address the Club members. SGT Leso presented information relating to the Police Cadet/Explorer program which he oversees. His effort is to seek funding to support the program that provides opportunity for high school aged youth to learn about law enforcement. Alan Miller offered a testimonial to the program as his daughter was a police explorer and ultimately enjoyed a 15-year career with the San Diego PD. 

After his brief presentation, fliers were distributed seeking financial support. President Rich pledged $500 from the club and three other members offered similar amounts for a total of $2,000 for the program from our Club and our members… Way to go!!!


SGT Chris Leso presenting to the club



Photos and Information:


A photo of club members at the Escondido Rotary Club’s Coeur de Cuisine on Sunday February 28 was shown…




The Bonsall Rotary Wine Brews and Blues was announced again; set for April 30, this is a fundraiser for our Club as well. Cost is $75


President Rich announced the launching of our pontoon boat donation to the Dixon Lake handicapped accessible recreation program for Saturday March 12 at 0900 at Dixon Lake boat dock.


Information on Fisher House collection and the needed items was presented. Items can be brought to Club meetings by March 17 or delivered to All Star Signs…


Rotarians at Work Day at Mountain View Park was announced again; the work day is Sunday March 20 and will begin at 0800. We are joining with National Little League, Escondido Shines, the Escondido History Center and other community groups for varied projects on the property. 


Also announced was the Arts Center’s event, ‘Dancing with Our Stars’ on April 2; Kevin Svetich and Mike Mohasco will be part of the dancing group…Come and see how many left feet they each have…


President Rich announced again our Club’s hockey night with the Gulls on April 15; a few tix remain.


Birthdays and Anniversaries:


March        1     Gloria Leffler


        3    Brian Murphy


        4    Mike O’Malley





Chris and Susie Miller; 26 years… Congratulations!!


Rotary Anniversaries:


March        5    Constance Larsen 16 years


        6    Elisa Cohen 2 years



Dates to Remember:


March            7    Mexicali Trip planning meeting; 1745 at Cocina

        11        Team Malbec Dinner with Linda Bailey

        12    Pontoon Boat Launch at Dixon Lake; 0900

        17    Deliver items to Fisher House at SD Naval Medical Center

                19         District 5340 Officer Training at USD      

                20        RYLA Facilitator Training

                20        Rotarians at Work; Mountain View Park 8 AM- Noon 

                31-April 3    Mexicali Project


April            3        Hwy 78 Club hosting Mariachi Festival at the CCAE; Tacos, Tequila                 and Concert for $75

        7    Evening Club meeting; Program the trip to Kilimanjaro and work                 with Flying Kites Orphanage presented by George Beitner and Jim                 Ponder

        8    Bunco Night

                15         Gulls Hockey Night

                15-17  RYLA; Facilitators all assigned

                        30     Bonsall Rotary Wine, Brews and Blues; CCAE i R


June            16    President Rich’s Demotion


YMCA Legends Program:


Melanie Lehmer from the Palomar Family YMCA joined us to thank us for supporting Y Kids with our Christmas shopping event and with our bike program.

Melanie works with the After School Education and Safety (ASES) Program at the Y, serving over 600 young people in our community.

President Rich presented the Y with a donation of $2,500.  It was also mentioned that Rich’s connection to the YMCA is a bit of a family matter as Melanie is Rich’s niece… Nice work YMCA team and Melanie!!


Rotary Foundation:


Past President and Foundation Chair, Kevin Svetich recognized Rotary Foundation honorees:


New Paul Harris Fellows:


    Mark Maus

    Dave Crabtree

    Sam Oden


Second Paul Harris Fellowships:


    Randy Furtado

    Kelly Mayberry

    Sarah Nickelson


Third Paul Harris Fellowships:


Bob Benton

Gloria Leffler

Scott Putnicki

Fernando Monforte

Ralph Tavares

Andy Thweatt


Fourth Paul Harris Fellowships:


Bob Burson

Jeff Johnson

John Masson

Brian Murphy

Mike O’Malley


Sixth Paul Harris Fellowships:


Jack Anderson

Floyd Farley



Seventh Paul Harris Fellowships:


Linda Bailey

Mike Muehl


Ninth Paul Harris Fellowship:


    Alan Miller (shown below with President Rich)



Kevin also mentioned the fourteen club members that are members of the Paul Harris Society, committing a gift each month: Rich Aeling, Jack Anderson, Linda Bailey, Barry Baker, John Boyce, Bob Burson, Mike Dunlap, Floyd Farley, Dave Herbert, Mark Hoekstra, Alan Miller, Mike Muehl, Mike O’Malley and Jim Ponder.


As always, Kevin was ‘encouraging’ more members to actively support the Foundation through PH Society membership; Kelly Mayberry and Tony Criss both volunteered to join the effort, making 16 members supporting the Foundation in this way.


Congratulations to all for your continued generosity; and thanks to Kevin for his great work as our Club’s Foundation chair.




$360 in the big drawing; Mark Hoekstra… no luck

$19 for lunch; Gloria Leffler was the lucky winner