Posted by Jack Anderson on Jul 18, 2017

Sunrise Rotary June 29, July 6 and 13 Rotary Programs: Wheelchair Needs in the Dominican Republic; Soccer (Football) Leads to Education in Ghana; and Our Local Schools, Building for the Future



On July 13; President Dave called the meeting to order; Past President Kevin Svetich led the Pledge to our Flag, and Past President Jack Anderson offered an invocation.


Guests and Visitors:


June 29:    Pam Morasco, Mike’s wife, was visiting and was part of our program


July 6:    Elana Karoly’s niece Angel, a 7th grader visited our meeting    

        Doug Shultz’s daughter Tasha was a visitor with her daddy

        Bonnie Maloney was introduced as Linda Bailey’s guest

        Past President Barry Baker introduced Gabriel Asiedu; his father             Johnson was our speaker


July 13:    Rita Brandon of the Newland Companies was Linda Bailey’s guest

        Mona Durney of Rancho Computers was a visitor






June         21    Kathy O’Malley

        24    Judi Anderson

        30     Dana Ommen


July:        4     Past President John Boyce

        6    Andy Ommen

        9    Nick Barnett

        15    Past President Kevin Svetich

            Kathy Johnson




June        23    Silas and Shaina Harrington

        29    Doug Shulz


July        4    Past President Mike & Nancy Dunlap

        8    Past President Kevin and Debbie Svetich

        16    Linda and Randy Bailey; 40 Years! Congratulations!



Rotary Anniversaries:


        July 7, Elana Karoly, 2 years


Thanks for your outstanding Rotary Service!!


Rotary Foundation:


Past President Kevin Svetich, Foundation Chair reported our Rotary Foundation support for the prior year. Escondido Sunrise, of the 66 clubs in District 5340, accomplished the following:

100 %; Every Rotarian Every Year

100 % Paul Harris Sustaining Members

18 Paul Harris Society Members

#3 Per Capita Giving in the District


Great job everyone!!



Dates to Remember:


July:         30    Rotary game at the Padres vs. the Pirates


August:    31    District Governor Scott Carr will visit our Club


October:    7    Escondido Sunrise Grape Day 5K Event; 86 days away


Hi-Fives and Announcements:


Past President Bob Burson traveled north and visited the Charles Schultz Museum in Santa Rosa bringing a trinket for President Dave


Gloria Leffler announced that she is seeking a new residential setting; any suggestions are welcomed


Rorie Johnston announced the Chamber Golf Tournament on September 15 at the Vineyard Golf Course


Past President Rich Aeling announced a work project on Saturday July 15 at Caballo Park in East Escondido


Tina Pope commented on her designer footwear that she has recently been wearing due to multiple fractures of her foot… Her advice, “When you fall and it hurts, see the doc.”


Past President George Beitner reminded members that donated hygiene items from hotels are always welcome for our gifts to the Fisher House at Camp Pendleton…





June 29: Wheel Chair Initiative

Mike and Pam Morasco presented a program on the uses of and need for wheelchairs in the Dominican Republic. As part of their church’s efforts to support needs in underdeveloped countries, they have taken on leadership of this project. Mike prefaced the comments about the need for wheelchairs by noting that motor scooters are a primary source of transportation in the Dominican, thus there are many accidents involving scooter riders… Thus the great need for wheelchairs…

They went on to describe the varying types of chairs needed based on the living conditions in the region; some urban areas with sidewalks, etc.; however many are needed for varied terrain in the outlying areas. Such wheelchairs need special wheels along with uniques aspects of construction for durability.

Their efforts involve both providing the wheelchair products, as well as teaching locals to assemble the chairs and maintain them.

In addition to the efforts of their church; there are possible partnerships with Rotary groups in Santo Domingo, the capitol city.



Mike Morasco with President Dave Casey



Mike discussing Rotary Foundation Project funding with Past President Mike Dunlap after his presentation

July 6: Past President Barry Baker introduced our program, Johnson Asiedu of the San Diego Football Academy


Johnson grew up in Ghana West Africa in extreme poverty; his football skills (soccer ability) ultimately led him to a professional football career in Europe. In addition to playing in worldwide competition, he completed his education and discovered that football can lead one on to greater things in life.

His soccer playing ultimately led to experience in coaching; thus his goal to provide hope, opportunity for education, and athletic leadership training for young men and women in San Diego county. His efforts also relate to helping young Ghanan students to come to America.

His current program goals are to bring 5 qualified Ghanan students to the US for soccer and education. Additionally, his plan is to improve educational opportunities as well as athletic programs in his native Ghana.


Johnson Asiedu and his son Gabriel pictured with President Dave and Past President Barry Baker


Program: July 13, 2017; Elementary School District Bond Construction Projects


Linda Bailey introduced our presenters; Michael Taylor, Asst. Supt. of Business Services for the District, and Russ Decker, Director of Facility Development, Planning and Construction. Linda is a member of the District Citizen Oversight Committee that oversees uses of bond funds approved by the voters.

Mr. Taylor proceeded to explain the focus of the November 2014 Bond approval that includes facility improvements, Information technology infrastructure and school site safety. Total bond proceeds from the measure will be $182 m, planned to be used over 6 sequences of bond sales; current efforts are in Series A and B; providing significant facility improvements at two of the district’s oldest campuses, Central School and Mission Middle School. All campuses will receive some levels of improvement in Information technology infrastructure and school site safety.

Specifically under construction at Central currently is a Kindergarten building complex at the corner of Broadway and Fifth Avenue. Also under construction is a science building at Mission Middle School that is two levels, constructed through a modular design with sections built offsite and assembled in a single day’s work. Mr. Decker showed visuals of both projects.


President Dave pictured with Michael Taylor and Russ Decker




Next Week’s Program:


Bill Dopp; The Future of the Christian Faith


Opportunity Drawing:


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