President Rich called the meeting to order; Tony Criss lead the Pledge of Allegiance and Jack Anderson offered an invocation.
Visitors and Guests:
Greg was visiting from La Jolla Sunrise
Guests included:
Joe Holtz (a former member) guest of Jack Anderson
Kathy O’Malley guest of Past President Mike
Kevin Grangetto and Steve Nelson guests of Linda Bailey
And Jacob visiting from the SPHS Interact Club
President Rich commented on the Rotary Foundation Seminar held November 14 at the Arts Center; he thanked Mike Dunlap, Jim Ponder and Jack Anderson for assisting with the program and he also thanked the members who assisted with registration and check-in. Rich also showed the video he used in his presentation on our Escondido Sunrise Bikes for Kids project which takes place with local funds and grant resources from the Rotary Foundation.
President Rich also commented on the awards Escondido Sunrise received at the meeting as we are Number 2 in the District for Foundation giving.
Speaking of Bikes for Kids; the bikes have been received. Assembly event is Saturday December 12 at the Aelott Building (812 W. Washington) at 7:30 AM… Breakfast will be served… Be There!!
Photos of the Week:
Our team at the Mexicali Project scout trip; a project has been identified with work effort at a school including painting and fix-up; this year, the medical assessment program will take place at the same school site.
Mike Muehl with a dead deer
John Boyce and George Beitner with some dead ducks
Grandpa Jack with his new grandson, Nathaniel Jack Perez
Birthdays and Anniversaries
December           1:            Julie Muehl
                                3:            Barry Baker
                                6:            Mark Hoekstra
                                8:            Sarah Nickelson
                                6:            John and Donna Boyce
                                7:            Bob and Rosemary Burson
Rotary Anniversaries:
                                4:            Dave Casey; One Year as President Rich was reminded…
High Fives and Announcements:
Linda Bailey traveled to New York City and brought back some treats
Kevin Svetich and Brian Murphy and their respective brides visited Paso Robles and drank most of this year’s wine crop
Dave Herbert reminded us of the ‘Dollars for Polio’ effort … He also mentioned the Salvation Army Bell-ringing schedule
Jacob announced the Interact Club Pancake Breakfast at Applebees on Saturday the 12th from 8:00 to 10:00 AM; proceeds go to the Polio fund
Kevin and John Sawtelle reminded us of the PJ Drive; bring them next week…
Dates to Remember:
December:         12:          Bike assembly event at Aelott; 7:30 AM
14:          Bike reveal, location to be announced
15:          Deputy Chief Bob Benton retires after 30 years of service with the Escondido Police Department; Stone Brewery is the location
17:          Christmas Breakfast at Rotary and white elephant gift larceny
                                17:          Target Shopping with kids from the Boys Club and the YMCA                     
24:          No Meeting
                                31:          No Meeting
Coming Soon:    Date to be announced; the delivery and launching of our handicap accessible pontoon boat at Dixon Lake…
March, 2016       31-April 3: Mexicali Project
Toran Gaal, Marine Corps Hero visited us to discuss his bicycle trip across the nation. Bob Benton introduced Toran by showing a video ‘Warriors Among Us”; watch it on Vimeo.
Toran’s trip was 63 days long as he traveled 4,067 miles in 57 cities; his longest day was 213 miles, his shortest was 32 miles.
His efforts raised $50,000 for the Semper Fi Fund; a great support for wounded heroes.
Toran reminded us that “Kansas is not as flat as you think it is.” He talked about the hardest miles were over the Rocky Mountains as he reached 14,000 feet in rain and cold. His best day was as he entered Marshfield, Missouri around July 4th and a special parade was staged in his honor. Police and Firefighters from all over the county and the state escorted him into town and welcomed him…
His second best day was in Boston, where he had a police escort throughout the entire city; he in August in Annapolis, Maryland.
He appreciated all of the law enforcement and veteran support that he encountered throughout his trip. His wife Lisa, who coordinated all of the arrangements, commented that one of the greatest feelings he experienced was connecting with the veterans in small towns across the country. Most of these heroes don’t have the veteran’s services readily available as we do in San Diego. These men and women long for contact with others that have shared the experiences of war; Lisa commented that this was an unexpected blessing of the trip… Shown below are Toran and Lisa Gaal and Deputy Chief Bob Benton
As the meeting closed, President Rich announced that John Boyce became a grandfather again the morning of December 3… Congratulations John and Donna!!
$19.00 for lunch; George Beitner was the lucky winner
$209 in the big pot; John Sawtelle, not so lucky…