Things do not always turn out as we plan, but better then we imagined! That is the case with Gloria Lefler’s high five today. When Charlie and Gloria built their house, and then remodeled it, they had the idea they would live there forever.  And they did live there for many years and have many happy memories. 
But health gets the best of each of us sometimes, and Charlie’s has been deteriorating.  This caused them to be unable to keep up with the magnificent orchard in the back yard.  Gloria thanked the Rotarians who came for a few weeks to get the yard manageable to allow them to put the house on the market.
The house has sold, and it is a blessing.  Gloria and Charlie have found a house that is wheel chair accessible for future concerns, as well as has a walk in master shower and laundry in the house.  They will be moving in 1 March 2014, with their daughter to move in in April to help out!  Gloria is very happy for the decreased work load in upkeep, as well as the convenience it will offer for Charlie and his disabilities.
Thank you to all who helped make this happy ending happen!