Alan Miller led the pledge of Allegiance to our Flag, and Jim Ponder offered an invocation.


Guest and Visitors:


Scott Douglas was visiting as a guest of President Tony


Dane White was a guest of Mike Morasco; he’s also Mike’s son-in-law


Rotary 101:


President Tony presented information on the Rotary Five Avenues of Service; Club Service, Vocational Service, Community Service, International Service and Youth Committee… Of course, we all knew that.


Rotarian of the Week:


Richard Agnew was recognized as Rotarian of the Week; his efforts to support IT services is a great help to President Tony. Congrats Richard!!


Photos of the Week:


John Sawtelle having a Rotary discussion from his hospital bed at Palomar Medical Center after shoulder surgery


A flier announcing the memorial service for John Boyce’s mother, Camille on August 20


Several photos of Rotarians having fun; including Mike Morasco with his granddaughter and President Tony at his bride, Connie’s 70th birthday party… Interestingly, Tony was in drag impersonating Cher… Nice try Tony!!


In case you  haven't noticed, our meeting location at Cocina Del Charro is not identified by our Rotary Emblem prominently displayed near the entrance.


Anniversaries and Birthdays:


There were no Birthdays, Anniversaries or Rotary Anniversaries


Dates to Remember:


August     21:        Softball game with the Calafia Rotary Club in Pine Valley


        25-28:        Camping and fun at Del Mar Beach on Camp Pendleton

                Club members, non-campers gather on Saturday the 27th


September     16:        Chamber Golf Tournament


October     1:        Grape Day 5K    


High Fives and Announcements:


Mark Maus brought some wine from his recent trip to Paso Robles


George Beitner brought President Tony a hiking stick from his recent trip to Mammoth


Elena Karoly announced the ‘Go-to-Grow’ Masquerade Charade event on September 24


Jeff Johnson announced the need for volunteers this Thursday August 25 at Roadrunner Sports in Carlsbad to promote the Grape Day 5K


Grape Day 5K; looms on the horizon!


George Beitner, Jim Ponder and Jeff Johnson briefed the club on the fundraising effort and mentioned that volunteer shirts will soon be available…


Team Reports:

Chargers; John Boyce:        $12,000 plus

Notre Dame; Brian Murphy:    $   5,368

Toreros; Mark Hoekstra:        MIA

Cubs; Mike O’Malley:        MIA

Padres; Kirk Henson:        $1,500 with 60 participants


Jim Ponder thanked Dave Casey for his help with the computer software for the team efforts…




A summary of recent programs follows:


On August 4, City Manager Graham Mitchell was presented as our speaker by John Masson. Graham has been City Manager since January, and with the City since July of 2015. He spoke about priorities for the City and the City Council’s efforts to facilitate economic growth though streamlined permit and application processes. 


Graham also spoke about his and staff member efforts to re-evaluate the way business is done in the City to improve customer service and cost efficiencies. He also spoke about our water treatment efforts to increase the amount of reclaimed water available to customer use.


Graham Mitchell with President Tony:


On August 11, our speaker was Joi Lin Blake, the new Superintendent/President of Palomar College. She was introduced by John Masson, an active member in the Palomar College Foundation.

Dr. Blake spoke about her experience with community colleges throughout California, and the level of new construction being accomplished to strengthen Palomar’s programs.

She discussed the strategic focus of the College and its Board of Trustees including: Access, Affordability, Achievement, Accountability, K-16 Partnerships, Workforce Training and Economic Opportunity.


During her presentation, the computer display wasn't advancing properly and she received some timely help from President Tony.


Tony, the ‘IT’ guy

Palomar President Joi Lin Blake with John Masson and President Tony:


On August 18, our speakers represented the Pacific South Coast Chapter of the Multiple Sclerosis Association. The program was introduced by Jim Ponder and he welcomed Rich Israel, the Executive Director of the Chapter, and Mark Mahigian, a local volunteer and an MS sufferer. 


Rich thanked the Club for our support of the MS chapter and briefly discussed the ways in which our support is of great benefit to those afflicted with MS. Mark described how he first experienced symptoms of the disease while working for the NY Attorney General’s Office. Ultimately, he and his family made a decision to leave New York because of the impact of varied climate conditions on those with MS; particularly extremes of heat and cold. While searching for a new area to relocate, a major part of the decision process was to find excellent MS support organizations. The Pacific South Coast Chapter offered such support, prompting their relocation to San Diego County… Naturally, the climate here had much to do with their move as well. Mark described in greater detail the ways the Chapter assisted those afflicted with MS, and how he became involved as a volunteer.


Rich Israel, Mark Mahican and Jim Ponder with President Tony:



Opportunity Drawing:


$12 for Lunch:    Gloria Leffler


$183 Big Pot:    Rich Aeling… Sorry!!