Sunrise Rotary April 27, 2017  


President Tony called the meeting to order


Past President Mike O’Malley led the Pledge to the Flag

Past President Barry Baker offered an invocation


Guests and Visitors:


Connie Criss, President Tony’s ‘First Lady’ was introduced as a guest


George Weir, member of the Escondido Club was introduced as a visiting Rotarian… Soon to become a member?? Welcome George!!



There is no morning meeting on May 4… Meet at Cocina del Charro at 6 PM to hear guest speaker Alex Montoya…



Special Presentation:


Past President Kevin Svetich, Foundation Chair presented  Past President Bob Burson with recognition of his seventh Paul Harris Fellow Award… Thanks for your generosity Bob!


Kevin announced a ‘special’ currently going on with the Foundation; our Club will match any donation of $500 enabling the donor to secure a Paul Harris Fellow designation for someone of his/her choosing.


Anniversaries and Birthdays:




April     27    Kim Henson; Happy Birthday Kim!        





None this week


Rotary Anniversaries:


None this week



Induction of New Member:


Membership Chair Linda Bailey inducted new member, Tina Pope. Tina’s classification is Health Care; Welcome Tina!!

Linda Bailey and Tina Pope…



Photos of the Week:


Photos from the Mexicali trip; great job installing an awesome piece of play equipment. This project required two trips as the footings were dug and concret installed prior to the actual install of the play piece…




Also shown is the playground area painting that the group providedi…




Dates to Remember:


May        4:    Evening meeting at Cocina del Charro, 6:00 PM; guest speaker is                 Alex Montoya of the San Diego Padre organization. Cost is $35                 per person, RSVP with Past President Rich Aeling soon!!


        6:    Bunco at John Boyce’s home    


        20:    District Conference at Liberty Station    


            Work Day at the Chamber of Commerce; some painting                     involved…    


June        17:    Wine, Brews and Blues at the Arts Center; a fundraiser                     in conjunction with the Bonsall Rotary Club


        22:    Demotion event; Bye, bye President Tony and welcome                     President Dave Casey    


October    7:    Grape Day 5K; 163 days ’til the big event…


High Fives and Announcements:


Dave Herbert returned from a cruise including port calls in Morocco and Spain, bringing President Tony what was left of his gift…


Past President Mike O’Malley was in Vegas recently, he brought Tony some beer bread


Mark Crosby announced that there was a Meals on Wheels recognition event in San Marcos


Past President Rich Aeling announced that the Escondido East Rotary Club’s Annual Deep Pit Barbecue honoring veterans and active duty military will be held on May 13 at Kit Carson Park. Tickets are $20 each and Rich has plenty…


Richard Agnew announced that the Club website was in the process of being reformatted; he is interested in recent photos of Club events for the website


Linda Bailey announced that her client, Talk of the Town Carwash at Center City and Brotherton Road was opening with free carwashes on Monday May 1.


Andy Ommen was recently in Cabo San Lucas celebrating his and Dana’s anniversary; he brought President Tony a bingo set…





Past President Barry Baker introduced Monte Giles as our speaker. 

Monte works in international market development for Qualcomm and characterizes himself as a tech geek who loves working with people. He talked about the exponential growth of smart phone usage, and using a theme of Qualcomm’s, “we live to connect.”

He shared another perspective of Qualcomm’s theme; “We don’t make devices, we make connections.”

He recently returned from a trip to China, and commented that China Mobile, the country’s smart phone provider, has 835 million subscribers in a country with a population of 1.2 billion people.

He discussed some of the technical aspects of electronic communications, including band width and the value of network in enabling smart phones to connect. In the next 30 years, smart phone technology will be connecting people to things, and devices will act on our behalf. An example of this is the driverless car.

Technology capability is growing; many of us have used devices with 2G, 3G or now, 4G  power; the next breakthrough will be 5G…

He showed us a chip that will equal the capacity of 3 billion transistors on a chip the size of a fingernail…

See this chip…

The economic potential of these small, powerful computers in our hand-held devices is expected to generate 22 million jobs worldwide. Monte completed his presentation by answering questions from some of the more brilliant techno-geeks from within the Club membership….



Monte Giles of Qualcomm with President Tony and Past President Barry Baker




Next Week’s Program:





Opportunity Drawing:


Lunch Money:    $18;    Dave Herbert


Big Pot:        $376;    Past President Rich Aeling; sorry, no luck today…